Becky’s Review 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 Under the Southern Sky

I love the south! Sure we have our problems just like any other place in the world where people are breathing air but we have strength and kindness and faith in our fellow man. Where our distinctive accent is as heavy and thick as the humid air we breathe.

This is what I love about Kristy Woodson Harvey’s writing and especially β€œUnder the Southern Sky”, she really brings the south alive. The rockers on the front porch, sweet tea and bourbon, pecan pie, eccentric family members, the smell of gardenia, honeysuckle, magnolia, and where your mama is always waiting on her children. I could go on and on! I have loved all of her books but Under the Southern Sky is now my favorite and I truly believe her very best!!!

We have all had to deal with family drama and problems that life throws at us whether it is an unfaithful spouse, a family member dying of cancer, dealing with fertility issues, or financial struggles, etc… We can relate to the characters and understand their emotions. If you are looking for a great story that will make you mad, make you cry and laugh then Under the Southern Sky is a definite must read for you!


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