5 🌟 from Becky for The Cartographers by Peng Shepard

I loved this book. I taught geography for over of my teaching career and love maps and globes. Even the simplest map has such adventurous opportunities m! Where can we go? Who will we meet? What will we do there? What will we learn? How will we change and who will we become by having traveled to a new place? A map can open up the imagination.

The Cartographers has intrigue, suspense, interesting characters, and a little magic too. It’s a little scary because the big tech map in the novel feels like “big brother is watching you” even in a more sinister way. Sometimes I feel like we are living with “big brother” with all of our devices listening and tracking us. For one to be able to take a step further is definitely scary.

I’ve read some negative reviews and can’t understand why. I love a happy ending and even though it wasn’t 100% happy there was enough positives to allow me to love it. I enjoyed this novel immensely. I would encourage everyone to give it a chance.

Travel to places you didn’t know existed in
The Cartographers

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