In the Middle of Hickory Lane get 5 🌟 from Becky!

Life only has so many days, hours and minutes in it. When you give some of that precious time to read a book you want it to be worth it. Heather Webber’s newest work In the Middle Hickory Lane is definitely worth some of that precious time.

I loved the way she mixes a little Magic into the story. The characters are flawed and beautiful at the same time. You will find yourself rooting for Emme and wanting to be enveloped in the embrace of Glory. I wanted to sit down at the Sunday dinner with Glory’s family and friends. I wanted to look into the gazing pool to see what secrets it would reveal to me but since I can’t do that at least I can gaze into this wonderful story on Hickory Lane.

Alabama is my home state and it is a beautiful, diverse, and a warm, friendly place to live and Heather brings it to life. 5 stars and the highest recommendation to read In the Middle of Hickory Lane as well as all of Heather Webber’s novels.

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