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The Marsh Queen gets 5 ⭐️ from Becky because it is beautifully written!

The Marsh Queen by Victoria Hartman

My first month’s choice from Ardvark Book Club! Love it!!!

I loved Victoria Hartman’s writing. It was beautiful and smooth. The Marsh Queen isn’t a page turner in that the suspense is so intense (even though there is suspense) that you have to know what happens next but it was a page turner because of the flow of the story. In some stories the details bog down the story but here the details made me fill as though I was in the canoe with Loni in the marsh watching her draw the beautiful birds.

Loni is a nature artist at The Smithsonian that has been called back home, a place she avoids, because her mother is declining and her brother needs her help in dealing with the situation. But her return is just what she needs to find answers to her father’s unexpected death when she was twelve, answers that someone doesn’t want her to discover.

The Marsh Queen gets 5 ⭐️ from me because it is beautifully written!


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