Becky give The Tuscan Child 5 🌟

Scout and Cellar’s Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir pairs well with The Tuscan Child by Rhys Bowen! Both receive 5 Stars from Becky

This is the first book of Rhys Bowen I have read and I’m looking forward to reading many more! I loved this book. Oftentimes I will choose a book based on the location and that is how I found this book. I searched for novels set in Tuscany and The Tuscan Child came up. I loved the story as it traced the secrets of father and daughter From WWII to the 1970s. Sometimes you lose someone close to you and by following their secrets from the past you discover a whole new life for yourself; you meet the love of your life; you become part of group of people that seem more like family than friends. Dreams and goals you didn’t even know you wanted become reality. This is what happens to Joanna as she journeys from London to Tuscany where her father’s plane was shot down (he was a British bomber pilot) after his death.
After discovering a box of personal effects with a letter to a Tuscan woman whom he loved and a reference to our beautiful boy she travels there to see if she has a brother she knew nothing about. Many secrets are discovered and there is someone who doesn’t want them uncovered and it puts her life in jeopardy.
Rhys Bowen’s writing is so descriptive that I could almost smell the wonderful aromas of the Italian dishes, hear the music if the festival and see the beautiful sunsets over the luscious landscapes. 5 stars The Tuscan Child!