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Magical & Full of Emotion

By Becky Brown Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe has become one of my Top 5 books! The emotions that it evokes range from happiness to sadness; from contentment to fear. I laughed. I cried. I loved the main characters. Anna Kate and Natalie discover a relationship that they never knew they could have. It is… Continue reading Magical & Full of Emotion

Tantalizing Thursday

What’s on my brain? Hurricanes! So what better book to pick up but Camino Winds by John Grisham. As Hurricane Leo bears down on Camino Island Bruce Cable, owner of Bay Books decides to ride it out with several others including bestselling authors of very different genres, Mercer Mann and Nelson Kerr. But they all… Continue reading Tantalizing Thursday

The Lockdown Tag

I came across this tag on Happy Panda‘s blog and I had to participate! If you’re reading this, consider yourself nominated. Rules:  Thank the person who nominated you  Answer the blogger’s questions  Nominate other bloggers  Questions: Overall, how are you handling the quarantine? I’m actually back at work now, and I miss being at home… Continue reading The Lockdown Tag

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