About Us

Becky and Kayla Brown

We are a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who actually get along!

Do you love to read and to share your thoughts on the books you’ve read? Then A Couple of Bees Read is a great place for you to spend some time with a multi-generational pair of book lovers. Please follow our blog and our Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr pages. 

This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo (yes, you read that right. We may be a rare breed, those that get along and love each other, but we do exist) will share our opinions on the books we’ve read. Some books you may be familiar with and others may be a whole new genre. I love discovering a new author that is going to give me hours of enjoyment and years of new books to look forward to reading. 

We often find ourselves sharing books and what we loved or didn’t about each of them. Some of the books we read will have reviews from both of us and then others will be books that only one of us are interested in reading. After all, a 61 year old and 32 year old may have a different view on some things. 

As a retired teacher/principal of 26 years I like to keep my brain active, so when Kayla said something about wanting to start a blog I said, “Let’s do it together!” As we talked about the name we were trying to come up with something that encompassed our relationship. I kept thinking about our maiden and married names; Blanton Brown and Burke Brown. So a couple of bees came to mind. She said we need to say without the “itch” attached. Having been both a teacher and principal of high schoolers and middle schoolers I should have remembered what “B” often referred to.  So to play off the title we decided that “A Couple of Bees with an Itch to Read and Review” defined our blog. We hope that you follow us on this journey by checking out our blog and following our Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr pages.