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★★★★★ GENRE: True Crime Buy SUMMARY From best-selling author Leslie Rule comes a collection of stories about things that go bump in the night—true accounts collected from her years of research on ghostly encounters in the United States, including revised and updated content in Rule's singular voice. Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or somewhere… Continue reading Kayla Reviews HAUNTED IN AMERICA

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★★★★★ Genre: Literary True CrimePage Numbers: 288Buy: Amazon Summary: Part memoir and part literary true crime, Tell Me Everything is the mesmerizing story of a landmark sexual assault investigation and the private investigator who helped crack it open.Erika Krouse has one of those faces. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this,” people say, spilling confessions. In… Continue reading Kayla Reviews TELL ME EVERYTHING



★★★★ Genre: Audio CourseBuy: American Monsters Summary: Cackling witches in Puritan communities calling forth Satan. Sea serpents squirming along coasts to snack on bathers. Ape creatures slinking through forests and leaving behind mysterious footprints.In America, tall tales of monsters walking among us have existed for hundreds of years. Real or fictional, human or inhuman, monsters… Continue reading Kayla Reviews: AMERICAN MONSTERS



★★★★ Genre: Audio CourseBuy: Wolves and Werewolves in History and Popular Culture Summary: Shannon Scott of Great Courses Plus reviews the history of Wolves and Werewolves in Popular Culture. My Take: I read this for spooky season, and I have no regrets other than wishing I’d listened sooner. This entry into the Great courses catalogue… Continue reading Kayla Reviews: WOLVES AND WEREWOLVES IN HISTORY AND POPULAR CULTURE

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Kayla Reviews MINDHUNTER

★★★★★ Genre: True CrimePages: 397Buy Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit Summary: He has hunted some of the most notorious and sadistic criminals of our time: The Trailside Killer in San Francisco, the Atlanta Child murderer. He has confronted, interviewed and researched dozens of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Richard Speck,… Continue reading Kayla Reviews MINDHUNTER

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Book Review: We Thought we Knew You

★★★★ I FINALLY finished reading this ARC from #bookishfirst. It always takes me so long to finish a good true crime novel because there is so much information and so many facts to process. I have marked up this book more than any other this year, and that's saying something! SUMMARY: In July 2015 beloved… Continue reading Book Review: We Thought we Knew You

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Give Joy and Inspire Kindness

Anna Nakole Today would have been my daughter’s 38th birthday. She passed away when she was six years old from leukemia. I think of her everyday and the joy she brought to everyone she met. I received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts during her illness. This poem was sent to us while we lived… Continue reading Give Joy and Inspire Kindness

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Freaky Friday: Kayla Reviews BEAUTIFULLY CRUEL

★★★★ Summary: On December 13, 2001, Tracey Richter Pittman Roberts claimed to be an innocent housewife who was thrown into an terrifying situation when a couple of men broke into her home and tried to attack her and her three children, but once a couple of investigators noticed some inconsistencies in her story, they had… Continue reading Freaky Friday: Kayla Reviews BEAUTIFULLY CRUEL

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Becky read MINDSET: THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS and it was Life Changing

★★★★★ Mindset - the New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D  I discovered this life changing book at Tim Elmore’s Growing Leaders Conference in 2014. As a teacher and principal I always believed in the potential of my students and teachers and this book helped me develop my growth mindset and be able… Continue reading Becky read MINDSET: THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS and it was Life Changing