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Weekly Wine: We met Patti Callahan Henry We met Becky's favorite author (besides Kayla) Patti Callahan Henry at our local bookstore, Ernest and Hadley. She was absolutely delightful as she discussed her new book: The Secret Book of Flora Lea. #bookofthemonth #booktube #booktuber #bookreview #author #authortube #winereview #bookrecommendations

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“The Sidewalk Man”: The True Haunting So, Kayla's short horror story, "The Sidewalk Man," has been getting some attention. It's been published by both a podcast and a popular literary journal. Kayla's imagination is not the only place this story exists. It's based on a true story that happened to her friend, Bradley Wilson. In this Episode, Bradley reveals the… Continue reading “The Sidewalk Man”: The True Haunting

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Writing Tips: How I got my Agent This week Kayla discusses how she got her agent and answers some viewer questions. Do you have some questions for an agented author? Leave them in the comments! #booktube #booktuber #author #writerscommunity #howigotmyagent #literaryagent #agent

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Writer’s Tips: Fighting Writer’s Block This week's topic is #writersblock Kayla gives some personal tips as well as resources that may help you fight that block. Have questions you want to ask an agented author? Ask me in the comments! #theartistsway #5000writingprompts #booktube #booktuber #bookreview

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Author Tips: Save the Cat Writes a Novel We're trying something new this week. For those of you who don't know, Kayla is an agented author. Yes, she's written novels and short stories and even dabbled in poetry. She also recently spoke at a writing conference. Since the conference, she's had attendees reach out with questions about the industry and even some… Continue reading Author Tips: Save the Cat Writes a Novel

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Writing Workshop Announcement Come meet Kayla at the Alabama Writing Workshop on March 10th in Birmingham, Alabama! Ticket information is available on their website. Kayla will be presenting a panel on "Everything you need to know about the submission process." We can't wait to see you there! Don't live in Alabama? That's fine! The Writing Day Workshops… Continue reading Writing Workshop Announcement