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BOTM Picks for June 2023 Zero Days Jack and her husband Gabe are security experts, hired to break into buildings and hack security systems. When a routine assignment goes awry, Jack returns to find her husband dead. Now Jack is the prime suspect and, on the run, she must decide who she can trust while hunting the real killer.… Continue reading BOTM Picks for June 2023

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Weekly Wine: The Shop on Royal Street It's time for another weekly wine! This week's wine is another  @ScoutandCellar  special, so if you want to drink with us, please check out the shop here: This week, Becky talks about our upcoming meet up with author Karen White, as well as her book The Shop on Royal Street. You can buy… Continue reading Weekly Wine: The Shop on Royal Street

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BOTM May 2023 Predictions Enchanted Hacienda With unforeseen twists, romance, and a heavy sprinkle of magic, The Enchanted Hacienda is a captivating coming-of-age debut exploring identity, unconditional family love, and uncovering the magic within us all. Yellow Face So what if June edits Athena’s novel and sends it to her agent as her own work? So what if… Continue reading BOTM May 2023 Predictions

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Weekly Wine: The Magician’s Daughter It's finally time to review our first read-a-long book: #themagiciansdaughter If you have not finished the read-a-long, know that there are #spoilers ahead! We discuss how much we loved this beautiful coming of age novel. If you want to drink with us, check out  @ScoutandCellar  here:

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Weekly Wine: 48 Clues into the Disappearance of my Sister Our wine this week is from the Nest Winery and it's a Rose. If you want to drink with us, follow this link: If you want to read with us, check out 48 Clues into the Disappearance of my Sister. Believe Kayla, it's worth it.

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BOTM Predictions: April 2023

We're on a pretty good high with our BOTM predictions. Here's what we're thinking we might see this month: Everything She Feared When a teen falls while taking a selfie at the edge of a cliff, the last thing she sees before plummeting to her death is Katie Harmon, the nine-year-old girl she was babysitting,… Continue reading BOTM Predictions: April 2023

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Weekly Wine: THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP ★★★★★ Buy It's time for another Weekly Wine! This week's wine is Che Fico, a delightful Pinot Grigio that tastes like pure sunshine. Buy it from @scoutandcellar here: The book this week is THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP by Grady Hendrix. Imagine a world where those famous slasher films from the 70's, 80's,… Continue reading Weekly Wine: THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP