Tantalizing Thursday w/ Becky

I’ve had The Restaurant by Pamela Kelley in my TBR list for a while so decided it would be next to be ticked off in that huge pile of books. I started yesterday and I’m already a third of the way through. It is an easy read and offers a sweet story of family love and rediscovery. Review to follow soon.


3 thoughts on “Tantalizing Thursday w/ Becky”

    1. I’m really not sure what my reading speed is, but I don’t think it’s super fast. I might finish a book a week if I try really hard to carve out some time. I’ve been reading To Sleep in a Sea of Stars for over a month now, so I definitely struggle with the heavier stuff. Becky typically finishes books faster than I do, so I think she’s more of a speed reader than I am.

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