Chase Harlem Series

Kayla’s Query Letter

For those of you who don’t know, Kayla is an aspiring novelist. She’s written a few things, but she finally has something ready to start querying agents.

The hardest part about querying agents is writing a good query letter, so we are going to post her letter here in hopes of getting some feedback from readers. What we want to know is:

  • Does the book description make sense?
  • Does it sound like something you would want to read?
  • Do you have any editing suggestions?

As always, we’ve really appreciated the support we’ve found here in the blogosphere, and we’re hoping that you will continue to support us. Feel free to shred this letter to pieces if you think it will help.


Chase Harlem is a FBI profiler turned private investigator with a penchant for eating too many poboys and getting into trouble. 

When a priest shows up at her ramshackle office asking her to investigate the double murder of an LSU football star and his girlfriend, Chase can’t bring herself to turn down such an obvious ‘mission from God,’ as Elwood Blues would call it.

As she works to solve the case with the NOPD’s lead detective, Matt Burke, she also deals with a noisy and abusive next-door neighbor, leading to an unexpected friendship with said neighbor’s foster child, Reese Kelley.

Chase does her best to balance her friendship with Detective Burke, a romance with a certain bartender, and her unexpected turn as a role model to a teenager all while being dragged into a world of sports, drugs, and jazz standards in the heart of the Big Easy.

Chasing Truth is a 60,000 word Mystery novel set in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts and writing from Samford University as well as a Master’s in English education from Auburn University. I’ve taught English and writing for nine years, and I write for the popular book blog, Chasing Truth will be my first published novel.


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