Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Texts from Jane Eyre: and Other Conversations with your Favorite Literary Characters

This book is exactly what it claims to be. It features characters from classic literature texting each other. 

I had a really hard time rating this book. Not because it’s terrible or wonderful but because it’s just…different.

Personally, I found it hilarious! I literally laughed out loud at the texts from “The Yellow Wallpaper” because dark humor is my favorite humor. I also appreciated how she often found a way to say basically what we readers were all thinking.

My only real issue with it is that it’s not very original. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a clever idea to have fictional characters banter over modern communication devices, but it’s definitely been done before. There is a whole Instagram devoted to showing pictures of “superhero texts,” and Instagram is free. It really makes me question why I had to spend money on a few pages of jokes when I could have found something just as good (though admittedly not about classical literature characters) on Pinterest.

Overall, I’m giving this a 3.5/5. I’m deducting one and a half stars because it’s not an original idea, and even the ebook was overpriced.

That said, if you love classic literature, this book is sure to make you laugh, and it only takes about an hour to read!


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