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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Ruth Emmie Lang’s first novel is one that every first time novelist should envy. As an English teacher, I can assure you that Lang’s use of imagery, allusion, parallelism and her overall prose is absolutely intoxicating. I’ll probably be quoting this book for a while!

To say that this is a novel about a boy who was raised by wolves would be like saying The Great Gatsby is about a bootlegger—accurate but not at all the whole picture. Weylyn Grey’s parents died when he was six, and for about four years, he lived with a wolf pack. Even had that not been the case, Weylyn would likely have remained an outsider because he’s a little bit magical. He can communicate with animals and his emotions control the weather.

The story is mostly told from the point of view of people who have encountered Weylyn in key periods of his life, and from their perspectives we can see how this outsider has changed so many lives.

This was an undeniably beautiful novel, but I had a surprisingly hard time rating it. You see, I fell for this book pretty hard from the start, and by the end of the first hundred pages, I was sure it would be my new most favorite of all time. However, after 200 more pages, I felt (probably unfairly) that it was a little repetitive. It’s divided into six sections, and in each section, Weylyn meets someone new and they think he’s weird only to eventually accept him as the magically unique person who changed his/her life. Don’t get me wrong, every character he met was unique and well-developed, but I was hoping for an antagonist—for the Javert to his Jean Valjean.

I know, I know…comparing this to one of the best novels ever written isn’t fair, and Weylyn is technically his own antagonist. 

Lang has created a work of art with this novel, but because art is subjective, I can’t give it more than 4.5/5 stars. Now to wait for her next great novel.


5 thoughts on “BEASTS OF EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE is too good to be true”

  1. I can’t wait until my first book is able to be published.

    Tale of the Cattail Forest is on its 5th draft- which isn’t the final draft. The characters are Fairy Frogs and Toads. Fairy Creek, Cattail Marsh, Graysloup, and The Bog are different locations used during the book. It is a fairy tale ultimately about friendship- Sparkle may be stubborn and rebellious, but those end up making a positive impact: due to her stubbornness, she is able to meet Marge- the plot truly begins when the two of them become friends. Sarge is wanting to break up the friendships that are created in my novel.


    1. I’m in the same boat waiting to publish mine!

      Your novel sounds absolutely magical. We wish you the best of luck, and we’d love to review an ARC when the time comes 😉


      1. I technically am working on three novels. In 5th draft of Tale of the Cattail Forest, 1st draft of Lizzy the Lizard, and in development and brainstorming stage for Greatest Discovery


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