Tantalizing Thursday

From New York Times bestselling author Joanne DeMaio comes Stony Point Summer, Book 12 of The Seaside Saga.

Jason and Maris, Shane and Celia, Elsa and the rest of the tangled cast of beach friends are back in their coastal New England town. A novel of summers sad and sweet, this episode further layers the ongoing storyline, as blue skies, lapping waves and swaying dune grasses belie all the drama to unfold.

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Book 1 – Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans
Book 2 – The Denim Blue Sea
Book 3 – Beach Blues
Book 4 – Beach Breeze
Book 5 – The Beach Inn
Book 6 – Beach Bliss
Book 7 – Castaway Cottage
Book 8 – Night Beach
Book 9 – Little Beach Bungalow
Book 10 – Every Summer
Book 11 – Salt Air Secrets
Book 12 – Stony Point Summer
And more Seaside Saga Books.


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