Becky shares about Hurricane Sally & Island Affair

Island Affair

Priscilla Oliveras

Hurricane Sally gets 0 stars because she visited our home in Ft. Morgan Alabama and she was not a good guest! She is blocked from coming again. Some lost everything so I’m feeling blessed that our home is still standing. Fish Stix needs repairs but we will get there. We’ve been without power since last Wednesday but over 1,600 lineman (not the NFL type) have arrived and are doing an amazing job. They are on our street now! Note the photo below:)

When Hurricane Sally rode in and left destruction in her path I needed something light and fun to take my mind off the stress and mess we have to deal with! Island Affair did that for me.

Sara, a social media influencer has never felt like she was good enough in her family’s eyes, all who are successful doctors. When her boyfriend bails on her family vacation at the very last second in steps Luis, the hunky Key West fireman. Luis has family problems of his own but can’t resist someone in need of help. It doesn’t hurt that the one needing help is a beautiful young woman or does it? His broken heart may just get in the way.

I was hoping for an epilogue to take us to the next step in Sara’s & Luis’ lives together but hopefully we will see them again in this new series:)

4 Stars for this fun read:)


8 thoughts on “Becky shares about Hurricane Sally & Island Affair”

  1. Glad you are safe!! Love the view, and how awesome to own a house on an island. That’s coming from a mainland/inland California person, where all I have to worry about are earthquakes and lately wildfires too. But I’ve always wanted either a lake cottage or a beach cottage – either works for me

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