Words of Wisdom With Becky

Since it is “back to school” time I wanted to share my educational philosophy with you. I taught for fourteen years and was an administrator for twelve. I was involved in Pre-K through 12th grades during my career. If you have never read or watched The Molder of Dreams or The Marva Collins Story then you should. These are two inspirational teachers who always kept it about the main thing, the students. Their stories will touch your heart.

My educational philosophy:

“Make & Keep the Main Thing THE Main Thing!” Because if it isn’t about THE Main Thing, It’s about the the wrong thing!!!! What is the “main thing”? The Students!!!

“Students don’t care how much you know until they knowhow much you care” Guy Doud, National Teacher of the Year & Author of Molder of Dreams

“There is a brilliant child locked in every student!” Marva Collins, Westside Preparatory School Founder


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