Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


From critically acclaimed author Troy Onyango comes a dark, suspenseful tale of spirits bearing witness to a crime that rocks an island community, based in the Luo legend of the water people.

When fishermen on Nam Lolwe (commonly known as Lake Victoria) return with the body of a young boy found inside the sack, a close-knit island is thrown into mourning, and they all suspect foul play in the death of the child. But who could have committed such a terrible crime, and why? To discover the truth, the islanders must rely on the water spirits beneath the lake’s surface—the only souls who serve as witnesses to the vile act. 

My Take:

I’m currently teaching the classic novel, Things Fall Apart, to my high school freshmen, and I was interested to see how this short story (set around the same time) dealt with a similar culture. 

I loved the mythology of the tale, and the fact that each social class is allowed to give a perspective on the situation, before the truth is finally discovered by the lowest possible social class. This unique writing style really drew me into the story and helped me understand an unfamiliar culture. 

It is a short read, and I was a little wary of that, but the author does a fantastic job with pacing, in my opinion. It’s not the thriller I was expecting it to be, but I enjoyed listening. The cast, by the way, is absolutely fantastic.


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