Fiction, Magical Realism

Becky is Enchanted with the Magic of SOUTH OF THE BUTTONWOOD TREE

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As I try to write this review my words are coming out all jumbled because of the emotions this book evoked. How does a book seem as good as a previous book and yet even better except you loved the first one so much you just knew this one couldn’t compare, yet it does?!!!

I cried for the last several chapters until I reached the end when I heaved a huge sigh that came from deep within my center. It was a sigh of satisfaction, of contentment, of relief, of sheer joy!

The essence of magic that surrounds certain people is enchanting. It holds your attention. Blue, Sarah Grace, Marlo… what is so magical about each of them?

Blue is one of the best people you will ever meet in a book. She rose above the expectations of an entire town and earns their respect and love. The secrets kept by many create twists that you do not expect.

If you only read one book then make it one of Heather Webber’s!!! She doesn’t disappoint.


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