Horror, Magical Realism, Mystery/Thriller

Kayla’s Tantalizing Thursday: THE DROWNING KIND

After reading McMahon’s Promise Not to Tell and (my personal favorite) Don’t Breathe a Word, I just had to request a copy of her newest book from #netgalley, and to my great surprise, I was approved!

McMahon has a way of writing that is hauntingly beautiful. She can take a story of pain and triumph, infuse it with a touch of magic, yet never make you doubt the sincerity of the tale. You won’t have to suspend your disbelief with her work; it’s far more likely to make you question your disbelief!

I cannot exaggerate about how excited I am to read this novel. If it’s as good as her other work, I should have a review up soon.

In the water, dark and deep

where she waits, fast asleep

All alone, pale and cold,

don’t wake her up, or she’ll catch hold

Her soothing voice, so soft and low

is the last thing you’ll ever know

Four simple words whispered in your ear,

a gentle wind only you can hear:

Come swimming with me

–Rhyme recited by children in Brandenburg, Vermont, circa 1900

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