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Kayla’s Tantalizing Thursday: WATCH OVER ME

I just finished Watch Over Me today, and I’m taking some time to process before writing a full review. It’s one of those books that is beautifully written, but I struggle to like some of the story elements.

When I encounter a book like this, I try to take some time to make sure that my “struggle” isn’t just a personal problem. Here’s the thing, book reviews are subjective. Even so, I want to give a fair review because the author spent a lot longer writing this book than I spent reading it, and this book means the world to that author.

Maybe I take myself a little too seriously because I want to be an author someday, and I hope that reviewers of my future books treat them with the same fairness.

Anyway, happy reading! Please enjoy the following quotes from my most recent read. One thing I am sure about is that the writing is absolutely lovely.


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