Saturday Book Sales: January 16, 2021

It’s time for another list of #SaturdayBookSales!

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Note: I’m really excited about this week’s selection because I found a several from Native American writers as well as some free books!

House Made of Dawn

I love N. Scott Momaday. He was one of the first Native American authors I ever read, and he’s absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t read any of his work, you are really missing out.

Buy House Made of Dawn [50th Anniversary Ed]: A Novel (P.S.) for $1.99

The Round House

It is a National Book Award Winner about a young Ojibwe boy who seeks answers in the wake of a tragic event. It’s absolutely devastating.

Buy The Round House: A Novel for $2.99

Winter Counts

If you haven’t been following my blog, you should know that this is one of my favorite thrillers of all time. This is your chance to get it for 1/3 the price I paid for it.

Buy Winter Counts: A Novel for $3.99

Anna Karenina

William Faulkner said that this was the best novel ever written. If you haven’t read it, here’s your chance. It’s an absolutely fantastic translation.

Buy Anna Karenina (Oprah’s Book Club): (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) for $1.99

I am Watching You

A year ago Ella Longfield saw Anna Ballard on a train, where the young teenager was flirting with two older men. The next day, Anna had disappeared and Ella spent a year wracked with guilt, feeling that she should have stepped in to save the girl. She’s also scared because someone is sending her letters–someone who knows exactly what happened to Anna Ballard.

Buy I Am Watching You for $1.99

Lying Next to Me

Adam Warner and Detective Lee Huseman have to work together to find out who abducted Adam’s wife Sophie, but the more Lee investigates, the more he feels that not everyone is being honest.

Buy Lying Next to Me for $1.99.

Hold Back the Dark

When the residents of a small North Carolina town begin committing horrible crimes then waking up with their memories wiped, Chief Deputy Katie Cole and Sheriff Jack Archer call in the Special Crimes Unit to solve a crime that seems to have other-worldly ramifications.

Buy Hold Back the Dark (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Book 18) for $1.99.


In this modern fantasy, Gwen joins forces with a handsome fox spirit to protect other shapeshifters from a killer.

Get Other for FREE!

Such Good Boys

Jason Bautista endured years of abuse from his mother with no help in sight. One day, he decided to take matters into his own hands, leading to one of the most talked about true crimes of the decade. You know I have a weakness for good true crime!

Buy Such Good Boys: The True Story of a Mother, Two Sons and a Horrifying Murder for $1.99.

Dreadmarrow Thief

Tessa is a locksmith’s apprentice who just so happens to be in possession of a forbidden magical amulet that allows her to shapeshifter into a sparrow. When her father is killed by a dangerous magic-user, Tessa will do whatever it takes to bring him back from the dead. It’s the first book in a series.

Buy Dreadmarrow Thief (The Conjurer Fellstone Book 1) for FREE!

Lost Horizon

When their plane crashes in the Himalayas, Hugh Conway and his fellow survivors find themselves in the middle of the legendary Shangri-La.

Buy Lost Horizon: A Novel for $1.99.

Caleb’s Crossing

In the 17th century Bethia strikes up a friendship with Caleb, a chieftain’s son.

Buy Caleb’s Crossing: A Novel for $1.99.

What do you think of my list? I hope you found something you like. Happy reading, and please don’t forget to tag me if you make your own #SaturdayBookSales post!


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