Rating: 4 out of 5.

Summary from Goodreads:

His razor-sharp intellect, uncanny powers of deduction, and knowledge of the criminal underground are legendary throughout London. He solves cases with the able assistance of his close friend and confidant. And, one day, he will become the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes.

Meet Professor James Moriarty – consulting criminal.

In these three original tales – collected for the first time – Andy Weir brings to life a Moriarty worthy of the Great Detective himself.

1. The Adventure of the Dishonor Among Thieves
2. The Adventure of the Unscrupulous Assassin
3. The Adventure of the Sealed Room

My Take:

Day 8 of fighting with this virus, and I found myself in need of some old-school mysteries. This tale of Sherlock Holmes’s famous enemy did just the trick.

With Mr. Moran stepping in to tell the story (in an interestingly similar way to John Watson), the three tales are deftly told with the proper amount of darkness and matter-of-fact style of Connan Doyle. If you’re a fan of the original short stories and a would like a different perspective, this is definitely worth the listen.


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