Saturday Book Sales: February 13, 2021

It’s time for another list of #SaturdayBookSales! 

Each Saturday I hunt down the best book deals I can find and share them in a new post!

If you want to participate you can do so by sharing a link to a good deal you’ve found in the comments of our weekly post or…

  • create your own post featuring deals you’ve found. 
  • tag me so I can add a link to your post here. 
  • if you want, you can use the image so I can find your posts more easily. 

You can share one deal or several, it’s completely up to you. This way all of us avid readers can give our pocketbooks a break while still hitting the books!

I’m sorry it’s so late today. It’s been a fun-filled family day!

The Escape Room

You guys remember how much I loved Night Swim, right? Well, this was Megan Goldin’s debut novel. Yes, it is now on my Kindle.

Buy The Escape Room: A Novel for $1.99.

Everything Inside

Becky was a big fan of this 2019 best book award winner. It’s eight stories of connection, tragedy and family.

Buy Everything Inside: Stories for $1.99


Here’s my science fiction pick of the week. Summary: While patrolling though the stars, rescue ship captain Ellisa Shann answers a distress signal from a freighter vessel and finds something…unexpected.

Buy Fearless for $.99

Fire Starter

Honestly, they could have picked a title not used by Stephen King in the 80s, but this YA novel is nothing like his book of the same name. Summary: Alice’s normal teenage life is upended when a dying alien race chooses her to preserve their bioluminescent DNA. As she struggles to keep her secret hidden, she must contend with unexpected romance and an uncertain future.

Buy Fluorescence: Fire Starter for FREE.

The Imperfect Psychic

February is cold, so cozy up with a cozy mystery from Ashley King!

Buy The Imperfect Psychic: A Dubious Death (The Imperfect Psychic Cozy Mystery Series—Book 1) for FREE.

The Night Raven

Summary: For years, private investigator Lydia has tried to distance herself from her notorious family–but her cousin’s disappearance draws her back into their world of deadly magic and mayhem.

Buy The Night Raven (Crow Investigations Book 1) for $.99

Final Cut

Here’s a best-selling psychological thriller I’ve found for you. Need I say more?

Buy Final Cut: A Novel for $2.99


As the captain of the all-female crew, Caledonia Styx has one mission only: to take down the warlord who killed her family.

Buy Seafire for $1.99

No Country for Old Men

I had to read this one in college. Hands down, it was one of the best books I’d ever read.

Buy No Country for Old Men (Vintage International) for $1.99


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