Becky Reviews In a Book Club Far Away

It is written from different points of view of three women who become friends in a book club and how an incident destroys that friendship. Years pass and one friend is stuck in the middle of the fracture but needs the help of both friends in a difficult time in her life. They eventually come together to help out but things aren’t easy after the eight year estrangement. There is a lot of pain and feelings of betrayal to work through. How are they going to deal with it? Since their friendship developed through their love of reading and a book club could a new book be the key to healing old wounds?

I have so much respect for military families and Marcelo does a good job dealing with the challenges of being a military spouse. The characters feel genuine and the relationships complicated. Just like real life, nothing is ever simple. This was the first novel of Tif Marcelo’s that I have read and I enjoyed it very much. It won’t be my last.

A good book and a good book club are the best!


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