5 Stars for Christmas in Peachtree Bluff from Becky

By Kristy Woodward Harvey

What is better than a small town Christmas with three generations of southern women, the men that love them (and leave them only to regret their mistakes), adorable kids (oh yes an out of control teenager whose mission it is to make her mother miserable) and then Pearl who just happens to be the hurricane of the century headed straight for your sweet southern town, well nothing really. Especially when an old flame becomes a new love and the handsome new storm chaser want-to-be on the island becomes a first love. When family is discovered and redefines a young life it causes problems that become life threatening as Pearl attacks the island and the teenager runs away. But in the end family is who is there for you when need them the most and the residents of the tourist town Peachtree Bluff come together to mend hearts and homes and businesses. They out their island back together and enjoy a Christmas of a lifetime.

I loved the Murphy women in the first three Peachtree Bluff novels and they didn’t disappoint in this special Christmas addition. It is a great read and was just what I needed at Christmas.


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