The Paris Apartment – 5 Stars from Becky

Wine and a Good Book! Great combination!

This is the first Lucy Foley novel I have read. I have The Guest List in my TBR stack and I’m excited to read now since I have finished this great suspense story!!!

The characters are flawed and unfortunately believable because there are truly evil people in the world. All of the characters aren’t evil but still self-serving or at the very least doing what it takes to survive in a world that hasn’t always been good to them. Sometimes life isn’t fair and it sucks and then you die or someone you love dies and you are left to unravel the pieces to the mystery. Others are exploited and you become the unlikely rescuer. You find a strength within yourself that you didn’t know you possessed to become the hero the story, their story.

I found myself rooting for Jess to find the person she wants to be and to be able to help others while hoping that some of the others characters get their just desserts. It is a good read.


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