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BOTM Hopefuls for December 2022

We know November just got here, but we have high hopes for December. Here are the books we’re hoping to see in our little blue boxes this month.

I know it’s already a book club pick elsewhere, but we can hope.

This one makes me think of Flicker in the Dark. It was one of my favorites this past year, so maybe this debut will get a chance.

Is that the new Darby Kane novel? Yes it is!

This is listed as My Dark Vanessa meets The Queen’s Gambit. Of course we want to read it.

As much as Kayla loved A River Enchanted, she will probably cry if they don’t offer up the sequel in December.

We need more novels about female friendships.

This is written by a bestselling Italian writer, and it’s set on the island of Sardinia. We love books that allow us to travel to new places!

This story is inspired by a real-life female spy in WWII, and it gives me serious Atomic Love vibes.

I love books that like to jump around in history, and this book about a baby raised by a guild of Artisans is exactly that.

We’ve had this blog for nearly two years now, and in that time Kayla has never once revealed her love of western novels. If BOTM does not pick up this western mystery about a brothel worker solving murders (written by a Pulitzer Prize winning author) Kayla might start a revolution.

Readers, we never seem to guess the romances that BOTM will choose. We’re no good at it. However, this novel about a girl born into a witchy family and inheriting no magic of her own might be just what we’re hoping for.

Here is our second guess for the romance. An anxiety-driven woman starts receiving texts from her husband from the future.


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