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Author in Need!

Happy Thursday!

I am sprucing-up my book proposal for another round of submissions with my agent. I was wondering if any of you lovely book bloggers might willingly agree to review or promote the book for me once the publication process begins?

Here is the pitch for the novel:

There are three things a woman needs to be happy: good friends, comfortable shoes, and a reliable taser. Private Investigator Chase Harlem has all three. 

All Chase wants is to settle down in the Big Easy, eat po’boys, listen to jazz music, solve enough non-violent cases to support herself, and forget about the years she wasted as an FBI profiler. But when a priest shows up at her office asking her to investigate a double murder, she can’t bring herself to turn down such an obvious mission from God. With help from her best friend, her maybe boyfriend, and the teenaged neighbor who keeps breaking into her apartment, Chase faces a case that reminds her all too much of why she has a drinking problem. 

Chase Harlem is a 70,000 word mystery novel set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

If this looks like something you’d be willing to promote, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!


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