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March BOTM Predictions 2023

No video this week. Beck and I both have flu.

The Foxglove King


Lore’s secret power to raise the dead plunges her into the dangerous and glamorous world of the Sainted King’s royal court. 

A Long Stretch of Bad Days


When Lydia Chass and Bristol Jamison (two girls from two totally different sides of the same town) both find they’re only one credit from graduating high school, they start a podcast in attempt to  solve the cold murder that once tore their town apart.



Perfect for fans of Margaret Rogerson and Tamora Pierce, this standalone YA debut is a stunning cottagecore fantasy romance about a girl with powerful and violent magic, which she must learn to control—or lose everything she loves.

The Love Wager


Desperate times call for desperate measures and when frien-amies Jack and Hallie (who have an ongoing bet to see who can find true-love first) agree to be fake dates for a wedding, they find themselves suddenly less desperate.

All That Is Mine I Carry With Me


A mother vanished. A father presumed guilty. There is no proof. There are no witnesses. For the children, there is only doubt. From the New York Times bestselling author of Defending Jacob. 

What Have We Done


Alex Finlay could write about paint drying and I’d read it. He’s a master of mystery and intrigue and he gets better book by book. BOTM should be ashamed they haven’t picked him up already. 

Happy Place 

BOTM skipped out on the last Emily Henry novel. That was a mistake.

Love Theoretically


Ali Hazelwood. Enough said.

Lone Women


Blue skies, empty land—and enough room to hide away a horrifying secret. Or is there? Discover a haunting new vision of the American West from the award-winning author of The Changeling.

Hello Beautiful 


Vibrating with tenderness, Hello Beautiful is a gorgeous, profoundly moving portrait of what’s possible when we choose to love someone not in spite of who they are, but because of it.

The London Seance Society 


Sarah Penner wrote The Lost Apothecary, and it was nominated for Book of the Year. They have to posit this one up, right?

Evil Eye


When she marries a charming entrepreneur and moves to the suburbs, Yara thinks she has finally escaped her conservative Palestinian upbringing. Yet even her dream job with her dream family doesn’t seem to fulfill Yara. Yet as Yara’s world begins to implode, she realizes that the upbringing that she thought she left behind has lastly consequences for her and her daughters.

Hang the Moon


Jeannette Walls, author of the bestselling memoir The Glass Castle, pens a novel about a fierce young woman in Virginia during Prohibition. Although she has a privileged childhood, Sallie Kincaid was cast out of her family after her advice led her younger half-brother Edie into an accident. Now working as a bootlegger, Sallie is determined to find her place again in the family.

The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise


Tanner Quimby would rather sit around playing video games all day, but life takes money. So she finds a job as the live-in caregiver of an elderly woman. Indignant that her daughter is forcing a nanny upon her, Louise wants nothing to do with Tanner. When Tanner begins to wonder if Louise is actually an infamous jewel thief, they set out on an adventure to outrun the mistakes of their paths.



During the pandemic, Grace invites her newly widowed mother to come live with her. They’ve never had a great relationship, but then Grace starts having nightmares of her disabled twin sister who died as a child and Jackie discovers Grace catfishes people online. When Jackie makes a horrible accusation against her, Grace’s sleep-deprived state of mind sees her mother as a threat.

A House with Good Bones


A House With Good Bones explores the dark, twisted roots lurking just beneath the veneer of a perfect home and family.



Greek retellings are my jam!


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