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Kayla’s Freaky Friday #4: SALEM’S LOT

Alrighty everyone, for this week's "Freaky Friday" post, I have chosen a classic horror novel by Stephen King. Salem's Lot is actually the first book I read by King, and I read it as an adult because I was always too scared to pick up his work as a youngster. He is definitely a master… Continue reading Kayla’s Freaky Friday #4: SALEM’S LOT

Nonfiction, True Crime

Freaky Friday: Kayla Reviews BEAUTIFULLY CRUEL

★★★★ Summary: On December 13, 2001, Tracey Richter Pittman Roberts claimed to be an innocent housewife who was thrown into an terrifying situation when a couple of men broke into her home and tried to attack her and her three children, but once a couple of investigators noticed some inconsistencies in her story, they had… Continue reading Freaky Friday: Kayla Reviews BEAUTIFULLY CRUEL