5 Stars for The Lost & Found Bookshop ~ Becky

What book lover doesn’t love a story that takes place in a book store? One that has many hidden secrets and treasures! Couple that with real life issues that families have to face and the rollercoaster of emotions that people have to deal with and you have a book that is hard to put down. One where you cheer and even catch yourself praying for the main characters.

Tragedy strikes Natalie and makes her re-examine her life. What does she really want in life? This new promotion with a company that really doesn’t appreciate her expertise in a job that she doesn’t even like much less is passionate about? Where does she go from here? As dementia steals her beloved grandfather from her a little girl steals her heart but can she open it enough to include the girl’s dad or the dashing, too good to be true author? 5 stars


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