Tantalizing Thursday with Becky

Are you happy! Are you unhappy? It may all be a matter of your personal perspective. No one but you can make you happy.

I had a knee replacement in 2019 and had to have physical therapy. Believe me is wasn’t easy and it was painful but it was worth it because today I can walk and even run with my granddaughters. And believe it or not I actually hated for my time of PT to be over and the reason was due to my therapist and the staff at Black Warrior PT/ATI of Tuscaloosa. I have never met a group of more positive and fun individuals. They were always so encouraging and supportive. I could have looked at my sessions with dread but instead I chose enthusiasm.

You may wonder why is she sharing this with us? Because the author of the featured book today was my physical therapist. He is one the most positive and happiest people I know. I look forward to reading Life Changer.


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