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Kayla’s Author Journey: May 18, 2021

HI everyone! I’m back with another update about my journey into becoming a traditionally published author.

Last week I went to my first writer’s conference since college and I had a blast. It was the SanDiego Writer’s Workshop, which was totally digital this year, and I’m quite grateful for that. I had my query letter edited, and I interviewed with three agents. The best news of the conference is that every agent I interviewed with asked me for pages! They also all told me how far they are behind on going through their queries, so I know it’s going to be a bit of a wait yet.

I plan not to wait idly, however. I plan to join up with #PitDark on Twitter and pitch my novel as much as I can. I’ve also been listening to podcasts about publishing and I plan to check out the #MomsWritersClub ASAP. I’m also actively looking to expand my writer’s group–find some critique partners and BETA readers to help me refine my craft. If anyone wants to tag along, the Florida Writer’s Workshop is coming up as well, and I’m ready for it!

For those of you interested in writing workshops, here’s where I found these:–dates.html?fbclid=IwAR2F1EU5xS2Pk65ywAoxONlYf-TmMEfFvIqBA3dGl7x7yt2olzcCWIWVDT4

If anyone wants to give me some harsh but helpful feedback on my pitch before #PitDark, here it is:

SCOOBY DOO x MINDHUNTERAfter being stabbed, shoved in a freezer, and left for dead, this former FBI profiler wants nothing to do with violent crime-until an innocent man is accused of a double homicide.


6 thoughts on “Kayla’s Author Journey: May 18, 2021”

  1. Happy to see that your journey is moving forward!

    Pitch feedback: Okay, well, I want to know how he lived through that. But I also want to know a little bit more. Maybe some tidbit about what he’ll be up against while he’s on his mission to prove the accused innocent?

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