Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Kayla reviews HOW IT ENDS

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Marti Greenwood has just moved into a brand-new home after a bitter divorce from her husband Emery, and while she’s still not quite done with him – of course, some of her most cherished possessions are nowhere to be found once she unpacks her things – a fresh start in a beautiful LA neighborhood is exactly what she needs. 

But days after her arrival, Marti is attacked in her home. She’s found shaken and beaten, and her neighbors who immediately call the police. She never saw the face of her attacker, and so there is little to go on as detectives open an investigation – but Marti will do whatever it takes to find her assailant. 

My Take:

This is one of those edge of your seat thrillers that does not stop twisting until the end.

Marti starts out as a strong, confident woman who simply married the wrong man. The story begins with her trying to rectify that mistake by divorcing Emery, who has cheated on her and given her an STD. From the opening lines, she comes across as a fighter, but she’s not without her flaws.

When she’s attacked in her new home by a man whose face she doesn’t see, Marti loses some of that confident. The way the author deals with Marti’s trauma and her development through that trauma is absolutely perfect. You will be rooting for Marti until the very end, even though there are moments that she definitely makes mistakes.

If you want a short, twisted story, you should definitely listen to this one. On tops of everything, the voice acting was absolutely perfect.


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