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Saturday Book Sales: October 23, 2021

It’s time for #SaturdayBookSales! 

Each Saturday I hunt down the best book deals I can find and share them in a new post!

If you want to participate you can do so by sharing a link to a good deal you’ve found in the comments of our weekly post or…

  • create your own post featuring deals you’ve found. 
  • tag me so I can add a link to your post here. 
  • if you want, you can use the image so I can find your posts more easily. 

You can share one deal or several, it’s completely up to you. This way all of us avid readers can give our pocketbooks a break while still hitting the books!

The Night She Disappeared

In a bucolic English neighborhood, two partygoers vanish from a grand estate — and a year later, a writer discovers an ominous message while staying at a neighboring cottage… 

Buy The Night She Disappeared: A Novel for $6.99.

The Five Wounds

In a small New Mexico town, the arrival of a new baby brings together five generations of the unforgettable Padilla family, who must face their shared, tangled …

Buy The Five Wounds: A Novel for $5.99

A Furious Sky

Uncover 500 years of hurricanes in America — from the deadliest natural disaster in US history to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Buy A Furious Sky: The Five-Hundred-Year History of America’s Hurricanes for $5.99.

I am Not Who You Think I Am

Wayland was just a young boy when he witnessed his father’s tragic suicide. Years later, in a town determined to hide the truth, Wayland must decipher his father’s eight cryptic last words: “I am not who you think I am.” 

Buy I Am Not Who You Think I Am: A Novel for $5.99

Family Tree

When Annie Harlow wakes from a yearlong coma, she returns to her family’s home in Vermont — where she must solve an old mystery with the help of her grandmother’s cookbook. 

Buy Family Tree: A Novel for $2.99.

Three Sisters

Looking for a new beginning, Andi begins renovating a Victorian home on Blackberry Island — and forges an unexpected bond with her new neighbors!

Buy Three Sisters for $1.99

White Trash Warlock

Adam Binder can see into the supernatural realm. When he goes looking for his missing father, he encounters an ancient, evil spirit possessing his sister-in-law. 

Buy White Trash Warlock (The Adam Binder Novels Book 1) for $.99.

The Many Lives of Ivy Wells

Each time 30-year-old Ivy Wells is murdered, she wakes up as her 12-year-old self — and is forced to relive the same fate over and over again. But can she outwit a serial killer who might be tracking her through time itself? A mind-bending thriller!

Buy The Many Lives of Ivy Wells for FREE

Sinatra: The First Collection

As a federal marshal turned black ops agent, Sinatra risks everything to fight America’s most elusive enemies… Enter a dangerous world of terrorists, intrigue, and espionage with this high-speed series of thrillers!

Buy Sinatra: The First Collection for FREE

Night Shift

This classic New York Times bestseller from “a master storyteller” (Los Angeles Times) collects haunting tales of magic and mystery.

Buy Night Shift for $1.99.


After her father dies, Ibby is sent to live with her quirky grandmother in 1960s New Orleans — and forms a bond with cook Queenie and her daughter, Dollbaby. 

Buy Dollbaby: A Novel for $1.99.

Boy, Snow, Bird

When Boy marries, she gladly becomes stepmother to charming Snow. But the birth of her dark-skinned daughter, Bird, divides their family. 

Buy Boy, Snow, Bird: A Novel for $1.99.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

When April unknowingly documents a bizarre new presence on Earth, her life takes a strange turn

Buy An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Novel (The Carls Book 1) for $2.99.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

Crown Princess Karina and refugee Malik are plotting to destroy one another — despite their growing attraction. 

Buy A Song of Wraiths and Ruin for $1.99.

King Arthur and Her Knights: The Complete Series

When Britt is pulled back in time by King Arthur’s legendary sword, she must rely on the help of the talented and handsome wizard, Merlin. But will they give in to their growing attraction? A page-turning complete series!

Buy King Arthur and Her Knights: The Complete Series: Books 1-7 for $.99.

More Than Human

A group of outsiders discovers that proximity to one another brings their psychic powers to life in this classic with over 6,100 five-star Goodreads ratings!

Buy More Than Human for $1.99.

The Broken Girls

With over 21,000 five-star Goodreads ratings: In modern-day Vermont, a journalist investigates an infamous boarding school… and its sinister connection to her sister’s murder.

Buy The Broken Girls for $1.99.

The Clockmaker’s Wife

As World War II grips London, Nell searches for her missing husband, Arthur, the clockmaker responsible for Big Ben. In present-day New York, Ellie finds her grandmother’s watch — and sets out to unearth the fate of the woman she never knew.

Buy The Clockmaker’s Wife for $1.99.

One Last Breath

When a corpse is found with strange carvings in its chest, homicide detective Jessie must hunt down a ruthless killer — and possibly lose everything along the way. An unputdownable series starter!

Buy One Last Breath for $.99.

The Inferno

Travel through the circles of hell with this vivid translation. This contemporary English version breathes new life into Dante’s masterpiece and includes detailed historical notes for further analysis.

Buy The Inferno: A New Verse Translation for $1.99.

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