The Maid get 5 Stars from Becky

The way people treated Molly the Maid made me so mad! I got so upset reading this book that I had to read the very last page to be sure that I liked the outcome because if Molly’s story ended badly I could not have finished the book. Molly seems to be on the spectrum of autism and I was the principal of a middle school that housed our school system’s autism unit. These children were very special to me and I loved them dearly. To have someone treated poorly because of their disability and the fact they see the world differently infuriates me. But the story ended with Molly as the hero and she loved, was loved and lived happily ever after. There were several twist and turns that I did not expect and it made the story more interesting. The Maid get a 5 stars from me.

A good book and a nice cup of tea served in a silver tray makes a perfect afternoon

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