Six for Sunday: Devious Characters

I know, I did it again. I couldn’t post yesterday because I was too busy playing with my babies, so here is yesterday’s post.

#SixforSunday is a blog feature started by A Little but A Lot in 2017. It’s a weekly blog post where you get to share 6 books which fill a certain prompt. This week’s prompt is all about the devious characters, so let’s get started.

In the world of The Witcher, every single nobleman is some sort of devious person intent on cheating Geralt out of his hard earned money. Yennifer is also rather devious as she is a witch who does what she wants with who she wants, and she does not know how to chill or be loyal to anyone–not even the man who saved her life multiple times.

Cal Leandros is devious, but in the best way. His devious nature is used to back talk trolls and other badies, not to mention trick anyone he disagrees with.

Arguably, the most devious character in this series, however, is Robin who is actually Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. That man keeps too many secrets for some devious purpose or other, but he’s so lovable that I don’t care.

I’m reading this novel right now, and I would bet good money on Hannah being extraordinarily devious. Yes, she has good reasons to be the way she is, but she’s practically stalking Rachel, leaving her cryptic letters about the death of Hannah’s sister, Jenny, in hopes that Rachel will put her considerable sleuthing skills to the test to find Jenny’s killer.

If you haven’t read this one yet, or read my post on it, you should really check it out. That said, every person in the music industry and some of Cassidy’s band members are the worst kind of devious. Poor Cassidy is manipulated right and left.

Every main character in this novel is devious. I’m not kidding. They are all manipulating the heck out of each other. It’s like they are having a contest to see show can be the most devious, and the winner literally takes it all. See my full review here.

Edmond Dantes is perhaps the most famous devious character of all time. Of course, he has every reason to be devious after being falsely accused of treason by his so-called friends, thrown in jail on his wedding day, and having his perfect life utterly ruined! His deviousness helps him exact his revenge, so it’s not altogether a bad trait.

What do you think of my list? Do you have any devious characters you love or love to hate?


2 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Devious Characters”

  1. That was fun to read. Devious characters? The only one I can think of, of the top of my head is the parasitic character in Bleak House. I can never remember his name but he lives off everyone else, never pays for anything, never contributes, and always protests that he’s a child where money is concerned. I couldn’t say I like him but I so enjoy reading about him.

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