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Kayla’s Top Ten Books to get you ready for Halloween

It’s almost time for spooky season, friends! And I’m here with a brand new list designed to help you get your creep on. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Death of Jane Lawrence

No, it’s technically not out yet, but it will be soon! This gothic horror story has everything you need to get you into a creepy mood–a creepy gothic mansion, a dark mystery, and some truly gruesome imagery that would make Poe himself proud. Don’t miss this one!

Buy: The Death of Jane Lawrence: A Novel

Survive the Night

If gothic horror is not your cup of tea, and you prefer the slasher films, this is the book for you. With constant references to classic Hitchcock films, this novel will absolutely get you in the mood for a Halloween movie night like no other.

Buy: Survive the Night: A Novel

The Torment of Rachel Ames

If psychological suspense is more your preference, this short audiobook is exactly what you need to get you in the mood for Halloween. Warning, the tragedy depicted here when the story finally comes together is absolutely gut-wrenching.

Buy: The Torment of Rachel Ames

Nothing But Blackened Teeth

This is another short read, but If you want a truly creepy ghost story to keep you up at night, this one is definitely one to read. It actually gave me nightmares, so consider this a warning.

Buy: Nothing But Blackened Teeth


Listening to every story in Audible’s Dark Corners series to get in the mood for Halloween is definitely something I’d recommend, but as this particular story actually deals with trick-or-treating, this is the one going on the list. It helps that it is written by the unparalleled Jennifer McMahon.

Buy: Hannah-Beast (Dark Corners collection)

All My Darkest Impulses

This four-part series from Lisa Unger is absolutely something you should read to get you in a spooky mood. Unger does a great job of building suspense throughout the series. Warning, once you start reading, you might not be able to stop until the whole series is done.

Buy: All My Darkest Impulses (House of Crows Book 1)

Silence of the Lambs

I know this one is a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. This is the best thriller I’ve ever read, and whether you’ve seen the movie or not, you should definitely give it a read.

Buy: The Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal Lecter)

The Darkwater Bride

It’s another creepy ghost story that’s honestly been on my list for a while. Audible has a fantastic version of this one if you’re interested in a listen instead of a read.

Buy: The Darkwater Bride: An Audible Original Drama

Heart-Shaped Box

This book is so much more than just a ghost story. It’s the tale of an aging musician as he deals with his own inner-demons. Honestly, even if you’re not a fan of the genre, this one will pull at your heartstrings.

Buy: Heart-Shaped Box

The Shining

I know it’s on every single list, but this book is kind of a must for spooky-time. The best thing about this classic is not the ghosts, but the way King shows a man struggling with his pesky inner-demons. Honestly, if you’ve just seen the movie, you’ve missed the whole point. Give this one a read or check out the amazing audiobook!

Buy: The Shining

Well, friends, I hope you found something here worth reading. Be looking out for more spooky lists as I get my own Halloween TBR sorted. Best of luck to you!


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