Tantalizing Thursday with Becky

You know how you meet a host of new people, make new friends, go to new places and try new things? It’s fun and exciting. But then you meet up with that old friend that you are comfortable with and who you dearly love and it just makes you happy and fills your heart with joy? Well that is how I’m feeling with my latest read.

Belonging to the BOTM Club has introduced me to so many new and exciting authors and books that I would not have normally read or even known about.

But reading Winter House by Joanne DeMaio, one of my all time favorite authors, makes me feel happy, warm, comfortable, and cozy just like an old friend. I love JoAnne’s writing, the way she brings the characters to life and sets the stage for their lives. I often go back and re-read her novels because they bring me such joy. If you haven’t read her winter novels or the seaside saga you are missing out and I highly recommend that you correct that error:) Now back to Winter House as it ”lights up” my day.


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