Things in Jars is 5 stars for Becky

I will be honest I didn’t think this was going to be a 5 star read for me, maybe a 4 and mainly because I got lost in the details at the very beginning of the book. But once I got past that it was a good read and I really loved Bridie, the main character. She was spunky, intuitive, caring, and courageous as a female detective in the man’s world of Victoria London. She is accompanied by an interesting cast of characters (a 7-foot tall bearded maid, a tattooed boxer who happens to be a ghost, a Scotland Yard detective who may want to be more than friends) in a strange case that doesn’t turn out the way her employer had hoped. The case involves a collector of strange and bizarre things including a being that really isn’t human but Bridie must discover who took her, where they took her, what she really is and what she can do to those that cross her. A compelling and intriguing story.


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