November BOTM Predictions

Here’s our best guesses for this month’s picks:

We’ve really got our fingers crossed for this one. Lisa Unger is one of Kayla’s favorite thriller/suspense authors.

Becky’s favorite show is Survivor, so a book about a Survivor-type reality show going wrong, is exactly what she might be looking for to help with the November chills.

For anyone who didn’t get all their spookies out in October, this would be delightful.

Maggie sounds like a rebel, and we do love our rebels.

We could always use more magic.

We need a winter romance, and this looks like a winner.

For anyone dealing with missing others over the holiday season, this book might be cathartic.

It’s based of the original rom-com: Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

Psychological thriller? Check please!

Yes, a successful series is unlikely, but this is one of the best romance series out there, and it’s a Christmas special!

What do you think of our picks?


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