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Weekly Wine: THE LUCKY ONE

Rating: 5 out of 5.


On prom night, Norah survived a serial killer—the very one who killed her best friend. The killer was never found. Ten years later, Norah returns to town for her father’s funeral, now a successful MMA coach and fighter. The day she returns, another high school friend is murdered in the exact same way her friend was killed on prom night. Is the killer who set her free back to claim her again?

First of all, I have a soft spot for serial killer tales. I’ve written a few, and read many. This was a fresh take on that serial killer genre. I found the way in which Norah escaped the killer in the first place to be believable, and I think the writer must’ve done her homework on serial killer psychology.

Also, can I mention how much I loved Norah? An MMA fighter as the “final girl”? Loved it. This is hands down one of my favorite leading ladies in the genre.

Overall, a great thriller, and I strongly suggest you pick it up!

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